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Born in Arta, Greece 1976 .

He has studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) painting and photography. In Paris, at University of Paris 8 - Saint Denis, Contemporary Art and New media.

He has worked for years in the hagiography of Orthodox churches. And teacher of art. Until now, he realized one solo exhibition in Athens and participated in group exhibitions and artistic actions in Greece and abroad (Switzerland, France, Belgium). His artwork are in private collections in Greece and Abroad .

Lives and works in Athens and Paris .


​"What we will be has not yet been revealed "

1st Epistle of John 3.2

A work of art is a passageway connecting here to an uncertain elsewhere. It is a space where the past, the present and a possible future cross paths and the precious link between origin and mutation adoption is attempted. This move carried out by the artist in time and space consists a liberating force within the establishment. He who has access to this dimension and knows how to make use of it without remaining trapped on the shores of a past forever lost will create an original piece of work. Let us then accept the perpetual back and forths between languages, cultures, histories and forms or art which allow these breaches and fertile dislocations to materialize, these attractive hybrid forms to come to life. Should creation not be a study of the unknown? It is obvious that the role of any artist is not to mimic what already exists but to respectfully use the past to invent what could possibly be. This is a kind of alienation whose unique nobleness and fertility we can not deny. This uncanny feeling within us is, so to speak, "the hidden face of our identity". By carrying his story with him the artist is forced to rediscover himself in order to create. He is like an explorer who gives up on what he already knows and has been proven to escape a frozen and sterile timeline and open up to the infinite or indefinite timelessness of creation. This is, after all, his raison d' etre.

Sophie Fardella
Visual Artist






Magic Journey, "elsewhere" / Μαγικό ταξίδι, "αλλαχού"  Gallery "7", Athens, Greece

Dipole / Δίπολα Athens Municipal Art Gallery, Athens, Greece


Art Copenhagen.  Artspace switzerland gallery booth012, Copenhagen, Denmark

Images of the sea - Της θάλασσας εικόνες, Hellenic center for marine research and european program Perseus, (ASFA) “Nikos Kessanlis” exhibition venue, Athens


The Right to Freedom of Artistic Expression and Creation, 2min. videos UN special report, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

Anna/Dafne - Peripetien 1/2013, Projektraum M54,Basel, Switzerland

Art Pile up 2013, Rheinfelden, Switzerland

1size art show, Art space Basel, Basel, Switzerland

KETHEA, donation for the support of the therapy center of dependent individuals, group exhibition at Pavlos Vrellis museum of greek history, Ioannina, Greece.

The Suspended Step of the images, Visual approaches to cinematic world of Theo Angelopoulos, Athens Concert Hall

Odyssey, Solo Exhibition, municipal cultural center “Melina Mercouri”, Athens

AthensGraduating class- ‘09-‘10 Athens School of fine arts “Nikos Kessanlis” exhibition venue.


Kodra 2012 – imagination Photo projection, Kodra camp, Kalamaria, Greece

Under construction - Υπό κατασκευή / Tannery, Athens

Maps1987- Voyages 2012, Technochoros Gallery, Athens

Art-a Topographies, Municipal Gallery “I.Moralis” Arta

En-Tête, Deuxième édition de la semaine des arts , 6b – Paris8, St-Denis

12 Young Visual artists VI municipal cultural center “Melina Mercouri”, Athens

Imagination VII Photo projection, Athens


With lime and sea- Με ασβέστη και θάλασσα, “100 years from the birth of the poet Odysseas Elytis”, The house of Cyprus, Athens

Metropolitan Park as a zone of culture, Olympic Fencing Stadium, Athens

6th Biennale of Schools of Fine Arts, National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation, Athens

APhF:11, (Athens photo festival 2011) photo projection, ASFAlab


Visual artists inspired by the theater, Athens school of Fine Arts (ASFA).

A3 Exhibition, Xylino steki, Athens school of Fine Arts (ASFA).


Why cinema now ? 50th International film festival of Thessaloniki, National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation,Thessaloniki

A3 Exhibition, Xylino steki, Athens school of Fine Arts.


29 Students of Photography, photo projection, Bios - Athens


October, International month of photo, photography-lab, ASFA


1st international Ex-Libris triennale of Lefkas, Municipal Cultural center of Lefkas island, Greece

Exhibitions, articles and meetings.

with Per kirkeby
"Grandfather, son and grandson"
The dust of time
arta topografies e-flyer-01.png
Arta topographies
Arta topographies
Arta topographies
Ypo kataskevi
Ypo kataskevi
Ypo kataskevi
Ypo kataskevi
pile up 2013
Graduating class 2009-2010
En tete
12 young visual artists VI

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